REUBEN CROQUETTES Corned beef, Swiss, and sauerkraut with Russian dressing and apple potato salad 10.50


HUMMUS & TAHINI House made. Served with herb flatbread 7.25


THAI WINGS Sweet and spicy, side of peanut sauce 13.25


BUFFALO WINGS Traditional spicy 13.25




PARMESAN GARLIC CALAMARI With house made aioli and cocktail sauces 10.15




SHEPARD’S PIE Curried lamb, winter veggies, buttery mashed potato 11.95


CHINESE TAKEOUT RIBS Sticky pork ribs with daikon radish salad 12.50


SPICY POUTINE House cut potatoes, fresh mozzarella curds, poblano and serrano chiles, beef gravy 8.95


WILD MUSHROOM TARTLET Frisee salad with pork belly lardons on side 8.95


GARLIC FRIES Parmesan, herbs, garlic 8.00


NACHOS Black beans, cheese, Cascade Amber pico de gallo, sour cream, jalapeños, house made guac 7.85/10.95

Add chopped chicken 3.50


BREWERS’ PLATE Applewood smoked trout and salmon, baby back ribs, house made sausages, cheeses, baguette 21.95


OXTAIL RAVIOLI House made pasta, oxtail reduction 11.95





HOUSE Marcona almonds, goat cheese, herbs, dried apricots and greens 6.95/8.95


ENDIVE AND APPLE Point Reyes blue cheese, toasted pecans, Pink Lady apples, mustard and honey vinaigrette 8/10.95


CAESAR Sourdough croutons, Romano and Parmesan 7.85/10.15


QUINOA Sweet potato, dried cranberry, Fuji apples, pine nuts 7/9.50



Grilled chicken 6.25

Smoked salmon or trout 5.50

Grilled prawns 6.50




SOUP OF THE DAY Cup 4.95 Bowl 5.95

CHICKEN TORTILLA SOUP With crispy tortilla strips, sour cream, cilantro Cup 4.95 Bowl 5.95



Burgers come with lettuce, tomato, pickles & choice of fries, black beans, cole slaw, or side salad. 

Beef and game burgers cooked medium unless requested otherwise.

All beef, game and turkey burgers are ground and seasoned in house.


Pt. Reyes Blue Cheese $2.25 Tillamook Habanero Jack, Tillamook Cheddar, Swiss, American $1.65

Mushrooms or Grilled Onions $1.10, Bacon $2, Pastrami $2.50

Substitute Onion Rings $3, Garlic Fries $2, or Garlic Sweet Potato Fries $2.25 Burgers cooked medium unless otherwise requested 



HOUSE BURGER Angus beef, ground in house 1/3lb 8.25, 1/2 lb 10.25


BREWERS’ BURGER House burger, pastrami and Swiss 11.30


OATMEAL STOUT BURGER Double patty, Tillamook cheddar, bacon, crispy onions, Oatmeal Stout barbecue sauce 12.25


BLACK BEAN BURGER Black bean and veggie patty, habanero jack, house made guac, wheat bun 11.00


GAME BURGER Ground in house, rotating selection 13.95


TURKEY BURGER Ground in house, Your choice of either chipotle tartar or barbecue sauce 11.00


FRENCH DIP Oven roasted top sirloin, horseradish, sourdough 13.50


JALAPEÑO GRILLED CHICKEN Mary’s Heritage chicken, habanero jack, avocado, bacon, jalapeños, lemon basil aioli, French roll. With garlic fries 13.25



Traditional Pub Faire and New Favorites

SAUSAGES House made. With smoked mozzarella, polenta and braised broccoli rabe 12.25


WILD GAME SAUSAGES House made. With warm German potato salad, cole slaw, Villa Street Pale Ale mustard 14.95


HANGER STEAK Peppercorn rub, garlic mashed potatoes, grilled veggies 22.00


MARY’S HERITAGE CHICKEN Brined and grilled, over cauliflower puree, green bean hash 14.50


GRANDPA DEE’S JAMBALAYA Tiger prawns, andouille sausage, smoked chicken, Romano 18.95


VEGGIE LINGUINE Veggies, sun-dried tomato, Romano. Choose: Alfredo, marinara, or white wine and garlic 11.95 Add chicken breast 5.25


FISH TACOS  Seasonal fish, grilled or crispy fried, pineapple habanero salsa, guac, sour cream, napa cabbage. With mango black bean salad. Market Price


SMOKED SALMON AND CHIPS Cascade Amber batter, fries, slaw, tartar 14.50


FISH AND CHIPS Cascade Amber batter, fries, slaw, tartar 13.75


TEQUILA SHRIMP & SCALLOPS Chipotle lime tequila sauce, over rice. With garlic bread 17.95


SEASONAL FRESH FISH Parsnip puree, French lentils, watercress salad Market Price


BABY BACKS Cherry wood smoked, garlic mashed potato and veggies. Oatmeal Stout, spicy or sweet BBQ sauces 18.50 half rack/ 22.00 full rack