It¬†was 1987 when we broke ground on our Mountain View location. The brainchild of Lou Jemison and Ronald Manabe, this family owned, community friendly brewery was going to be the first of its kind in the area. Quinn, Lou’s daughter, and her cousins, played on the unfinished floor of the newly remodeled building on Villa Street. Twenty years later, those kids would be all grown up, and the floor would be finished, walked on, and have loads of our beer spilled on and cleaned up from it. The town Tied House lives in would become home to such names as Google, Microsoft, Mozilla Firefox, Synopsis, and more. Tied House continues its loyalty to the community, and provides a dynamic and fun space where many important meetings of minds take place.

Tied House’s floor has seen many guests come and go. Some from the Bay Area, and many from all over the world. It even saw a group of astronauts walk through in the mid 1990s, pick up one of our coasters, and bring that coaster into space on one of their missions. Later, the group of astronauts would bring the coaster back to us, to display on one of our walls. In 2009 this group had a reunion here, continuing to come back to their favorite neighborhood spot. Next time you are here, see if you can locate this iconic item.

The walls of the Tied House hold other treasures, including multiple awards and our Clubhouse mugs. Our awards include the first “Golden Bear”, the trophy that signifies Best in Show at the annual California State Beer Competition. You might also notice plaques, ribbons and medals. Some of our awards include: Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals from the Great American Beer Festival (GABF), plaques from the World Beer Cup, First Place Gold from the California State Fair, and ribbons from all of the aforementioned. There are so many awards from over the past two decades that there is not enough room on our walls for all those we have collected.

So far in 2010, we have acquired six awards, including First Place Gold for our Ironwood Dark from the California State Beer Competition. Our Coastal Fog line has already acquired three medals: Silver for our Amber, and Bronze for the Pale Ale and India Pale Ale. Not too shabby for our first year of Coastal Fog production!

Our Clubhouse wall came about in the early 1990s. While who really came up with the idea is a point of dispute, Steve, our Clubhouse mug member #1, is generally credited with being a part of this idea. Steve still comes in a few times a week, and is now joined by 154 other regular patrons, who all have a numbered mug hanging on our wall. This is probably our most popular wall; our staff receives numerous questions daily about what in the world is going on with the mugs. Like Steve, our Clubhouse members pay a small annual fee to use one of our mugs. For their fee, they receive a bit more beer for their money more than our “civilian” patrons. They also are rewarded with Tied House logo gear, special events like our annual San Jose Giants tailgate and game, and even more beer.

What’s even better about the Clubhouse wall? The other side of it is our brewery! As you look around, you will also see our kitchen. Our kitchen crew and their offerings are always a draw for guests. On any given day you might smell our smoker cranking out our baby back ribs or Idaho trout, watch as flames spark up on the grill from our house ground top sirloin burgers, or become mesmerized by a waft of garlic from our garlic pesto fries. Our crew creates delicious, house made specialties for roughly 300-500 guests on any given day.

Tied House has seen its share of awards, patrons, and been around for 24 World Series, and five U.S. Presidents. We plan to be around, as an important part of our local community, for another two decades, and hope you become a part of our family, and the next chapter in our history.