New World Wheat

An American style wheat beer, half wheat and half barley malt. Not cloudy or spicy like German varieties. Light and clean.

Brew specs:

American Style Wheat Ale, 4.7% abv

Menu pairings: Lighter or citrusy foods work well with New World Wheat. House Smoked Salmon Caesar Salad, Turkey Burger, Fennel Citrus Salad, or our Chicken Pesto Sandwich are all great choices

Call for Keg Pricing

$150 Deposit per keg shell. (Carbon copy of credit card taken and you are not charged unless the equipment is not returned, or returned broken.)
$6 Tap fee
$50 Per day for jockey box rental. ($300 deposit for jockey boxes)
Please call at least 24 hours in advance on weekdays and 48 hours in advance for weekends and holidays.

About our beers

All of Tied House’s beers are ales. They are brewed with only four ingredients: water, malt, hops, and wheat. We use English Caramel Malt and a combination of Domestic and European Hops. Above is a bit more information on our various brews, including approximate alcohol volume, descriptions, and possible pairings with Tied House’s delicious eats. Specific recipes are kept secret by Brewmaster Ron Manabe. Above are some pairings and bits of information about pairing that we think work. As with wine, pairing beer is about personal preference. Eat what you like, and pair with beer you love… as long as it’s Tied House beer and food, you cannot go wrong!

Learn more about our brewing process here [PDF]

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